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Listed here are plugins and/or links to video tutorials for various plugins on the server.

Commands are displayed in yellow with a slash - /example. These are commands that players can type in while playing to either find out more about the plugin or use said plugin. If you are denied access to any of these (i.e. "You don't have permission etc etc"), please send me a message to let me know so I can fix it.

Please note, when recommending plugins for implementation on the server, they must be tested and working in version 1.12 (some older versions can work) or higher. I can always check them out if they haven't been, but chances of them being used will be greatly reduced.

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About various plugins
Grief Prevention

  • /claim
  • Grief Prevention allows players to claim land and keep others from messing with it
  • Dropping your first chest in game will automatically claim a 10x10 area
  • Right-clicking while holding a stick in hand will tell you whether or not a block is claimed and if so, who it is claimed by
  • Right-clicking while holding a Golden Shovel will cause you to start a claim corner
  • Right-clicking a second time while still holding the shovel will place the other corner
  • Over time, players will accrue more claim blocks just by playing the game!
  • GP has many other features, so please watch the video tutorial for more information: Grief Prevention

    Other useful commands for this plugin:
  • /abandonclaim
  • /claimlist
  • /trust
  • /buyclaimblocks

  • Essentials is loaded with goodies. Teleports, shops, weather changing, the list goes on. Some commands to keep in mind:
  • /top Teleport to the topmost block at your XZ position
  • /stack Stack all similar items in your inventory
  • /home List your homepoints, or send you to your only set home
    • /sethome lake sets a homepoint at your current position
    • /home lake brings you to the homepoint called lake
    • /delhome lake deletes the homepoint called lake
  • /tpa Teleport to another player, ex: /tpa Zodopop
  • /warp List all warps, ex: /warp spawn
  • /help List various help options
  • /wit What Is thaT (the thing you're looking at) Broken :(
  • /wis What Is thiS (the thing you're holding) Broken :(
  • /kit Lists kits available to your rank. ex: /kit tools
  • Try them out!

  • As its name implies, there is an economy on this server
  • /bal will tell you how much currency you have
  • /worth tells you what the item in your hand is worth (hur dur) to the server using /sell
    • /worth emerald tells you what 1 emerald is worth
    • /worth fish 12 tells you what 12 fish are worth
    • /worth someUnknownItem will give you an error because it doesn't have a price (or exist?)
  • /sell sells all items of a type, unless a quantity is specified
    • /sell hand sells all items of the type in your hand on your person
    • /sell hand 1 sells a single item of the type in your hand
    • /sell egg sells all eggs on your person
    • /sell egg 30 sells a total of 30 eggs from your person, assuming you have that many on you
    • /sell fish:2 1 sells one clownfish
    • /sell clownfish 1 also sells one clownfish
  • /pay will give money to another player
    • I will gladly /pay Zodopop 1500 Tuesday for a hamburger today!

  • Update 1.12: /shop now brings up an interface to help you find all shops and what they are selling!
  • /shop
  • Shop gives players the ability to make a shop!
  • Each Shop you make will cost 100g (breaking one returns 75g)
  • Drop a chest somewhere
  • Decide what you will be selling inside of it (one item only per chest)
  • Place a sign near it (top, front, back, as long as it is within one block)

  • Fill in the sign as follows:
    • [shop]
    • Quantity per interaction
    • Price per interaction
    • action (buy/sell/barter)

  • Like so:

  • Once the sign is complete, hold your item in hand and "hit" the sign with it
  • If you do not have the item (ie for a buying chest):
    • Hit the sign with an empty hand
    • Open your inventory (looks like creative inventory)
    • Find the item you want, pick it up, and drop it outside of the inventory
    • Close your inventory

  • If done correctly, it should look similar to the following sign:
    (item floating above chest)
    Selling: 1

  • These shops can be created anywhere you want
  • If you would like a shop in town, /mail Zodopop

Other types of shop signs:

qtyA(shop gives)
qtyB(shop takes)
Advanced Achievements

  • /aach
  • Gives players a wider range of achievements attainable in Minecraft
  • Allows for custom rewards per achievement
  • Helps me keep track of others' achievements for unlocking server rewards

  • Throwing an egg at any catchable creature will turn it into a spawn egg of that type
  • Not all creatures can be caught
  • Most creatures only cost 100 currency to catch, but some can cost up to 10000!
  • Captures creatures with only their basic data (i.e. a regular spawn egg)
  • Capture costs here

  • Similar to EggCatcher, but with a key difference: each creature keeps its unique data!
  • Craft the one-time use net by surrounding a Golden Apple with string
  • Walk up to and right click on the creature you want to catch
  • Voila! Put your creature somewhere else!
  • (Not all creatures can be caught)

  • /fly
  • Using /fly with at least 1 Blaze Rod in your inventory will let you fly for 60 seconds
  • More Blaze Rods = more flight time
  • /fly

  • Allows players using a Golden Axe to instantly chop down an entire tree
  • "Popping" a tree causes its leaves to also pop with it
  • Other axe types will NOT have this effect

  • Harvest takes a little bit of the tedium out of... Harvesting!
  • Right-click on a crop to harvest and re-plant automatically
  • May require seed of the target crop to already be in player's inventory

  • /sb
  • SignBoard lets you get more out of your signs
  • Reduces sign clutter
  • Makes Helps people to like you more
Wireless Redstone

  • Wireless Redstone about says it all
  • Any redstone enthusiast should check out the video
  • And don't forget about...
Redstone Proximity Sensors

Big Buckets

  • Big Buckets lets players craft buckets that hold up to 50 buckets worth of liquid!
  • Includes - Milk, Water, and Lava!
  • Recipe images (soon)
  • (like making a bucket, but with buckets instead of iron, and a diamond in the middle of the 3 buckets)

  • ChatFormat gives your chat and signs that extra little flair
  • Typing the chat code before your text will changes the color after you hit enter
  • It takes a little practice, but you'll catch on in no time
  • example: &4Binary Sanctum is awesome! will output Binary Sanctum is awesome!
CraftBook Plugins


  • MobCash - Kill for cash!
  • /colorcodes - Lists chat color codes and what they look like
  • Salvaging - Place diamond or iron armor into the furnace to get some of the materials back Very problematic plugin, but will look into alternatives if there is enough demand