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"I don't have style, but I make up for it in hands."
Here you will see all of the events - past, present, and future - that go on within the server. I will try to co-ordinate events to be available to as many players as possible at the same time as a sort of community building exercise. No one is ever required to attend, but there are generally going to be unique rewards available to those who participate. Some events may run multiple times to accomodate different schedules while still offering the rewards (restrictions apply, stated below). Along with the rewards for completing these events, some of the events will unlock special items for purchase in the ServerShop!

Completed Events can be found on the Achievements page.
Event: Dragon Domination
It's not Superman, but it sure does pack a punch! For the event, players will navigate their way to one of the hidden Strongholds and locate the End Portal. Be sure to bring your A-game, but be prepared to (possibly) die! Defeating the Dragon will unlock new items in the ServerShop!

Regarding the Dragon Egg dropped upon the Dragon's death: Zodopop will retrieve it and put it on display in Spawn as a trophy. Players participating in the event will be given one through a command.

  • Event Date: 8/11/2017 @ 8:45pm CST Event #1 complete
  • Rewards for participating in the event:
    • 1 Dragon Egg
    • 1 Secret Reward
    • 5000g
    • 250 claim blocks
Event: Attack on Wither
A nasty foe for sure, the Wither is the only thing in our way of attaining bacon status... Beacon! I meant beacon status! Help everyone out by hunting for those elusive Wither Skulls and handing them over to either Zodon or Zodopop. Once we reach 10 skulls I will set an event date.

Why 10 skulls and not 3? Because once the server has defeated its first Wither it will unlock a special shop that sells Nether Stars to players.

Note: You do not need to participate in any way to use the shop once it is open.

  • Event Date: Undetermined
  • Skull Count: 10 of 10 - Prepare yourselves!
  • Rewards for participating in the event:
    • 1 Nether Star
    • 5000g
    • 100 claim blocks
Event: Ocean Monument Raid
Bloop bloop (or whatever sound bubbles make). Get your diving gear! For this expedition we'll be hunting down the three (3) Elder Guardians of an Ocean Monument, clearing a modest sized room of all of its water, and celebrating with Cake! Players will be required to hand over eight (8) eight minute (8:00) water breathing potions to participate in this event, acquired in any way you choose, but handed over personally. Once all players are present at the event they will be given a 45 minute Water Breathing effect. Night vision potions are also highly recommended, but not required, and consumed at your own discretion.

After the event, players are free to demolish the temple and loot its resources on a first come, first serve basis. No land claims will be allowed until the following day.

  • Event Date: Undetermined
  • Water Breathing (8:00) Potions required: 8
  • Rewards for participating in the event:
    • 8 Sponges
    • 16 Sea Lanterns
    • 4000g
    • 100 claim blocks
In order to keep balance, certain restrictions will apply to different rewards being handed out for attending the same event multiple times. In most cases, unique items already obtained by a player will be replaced by a money and/or claim block reward. Any disputes will be handled by me.